Yorkshire 5 piece Tempus set to release first single

TempusFive piece indie/rock band Tempus from Halifax have been tearing it up on the live circuit in their hometown since they were 13, and are now set to release their first single ‘Come True Fantasy’.

Set to be released on the 2nd of March with the video going live on YouTube next week, Tempus have a busy couple of months ahead of them.

In a recent interview with Danny (guitar) and Toby (vocals) from the band they said ‘we cannot wait to release this song to our fans, it has been on our set list for a while now and is the one that gets the biggest reaction.’

With two of the five members attending Leeds College of Music the video was sent off to SUB TV, who broadcasts to 96 universities around the country. They were happy to support Tempus and broadcast their video in their student bars.

It’s looking to be a huge few months for the young lads. Expect to hear from them in the near future and if you cannot wait here is a teaser of their single.