Erotic Market | I want to be some Booty

This song is Crazy, Weird and all consuming, and we love it!

Erotic Market are a French duo formed in May 2012 by Marine Pellegrini and Lucas Garnier. Both musicians for more than 10 years, they perfected their skills in contemporary jazz bands and a joint venture, N’Relax, which lasted for three years (with two studio albums and many tours under their belts).

This core of Pellegrini and Garnier is surrounded, both in studio and on stage, by two others skilled musicians, making for an astonishing formation with drums, bass, keys, voices and electronic manipulations. The band claim to be influenced by many musical genres, and the group’s founders have eclectic listening tastes: soulful hip-hop for Marine and noise rock for Lucas.

Their music swings between groovy rhythms, the raw energy of rock and saturated but uncluttered low-fi features inspired by noise music and synth pop – but it’s impossible to place them simply in a musical genre, and they have inspired comparisons in the press with artists like The Knife, Erykah Badu, M.I.A and Grimes.

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