NEW FEATURE – Six Degrees Of: Crazy Fenton

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1.       What’s the inspiration for your music?

It’s an expression of my brain and all it’s imperfections.

2.       What would you say the challenges are being a new artist in 2015?

Getting your music ‘out there’. The ease at which people can get most things for free rather than paying for it.Does this make me sound like a ‘bread-head’? I think that charging too much for digital downloads is a factor that also needs to be addressed.

My album ‘Turn Off The Silence’ costs £5 for 15 songs on Bandcamp guvnor!

3.       Do you have an ultimate ambition for your music?

To pay the bills.Not very sexy I know!

4.       Are there any artists you aspire to follow in the footsteps of? What makes them stand out for you?

John Lydon because of his GFY attitude,John Lennon’s songwriting.Steve Kilbey’s lyrical genius and Ella Fitzgerald’s voice.

5.       Where do you go to source new music online?

There’s almost too many sources and sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming.Often the best discoveries are made by accident such as stumbling upon something on youtube.And from there the love-affair begins.

6.       Where’s the best place to keep up with you online/social networks?

The usual…. get ready for the shameless self-promotion folks….