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“Stoneghost pull off inspired twists and turns of veterans…these brutes are destined for big things” Metal Hammer 8/10

“Stoneghost are London’s brightest heavy hopes” Metal Hammer

“Explosion of vitriolic blood, guts and brutal cries…Metal as hell” Classic Rock

“New Age of Old Ways brims with moments of exhilarating bluster and some of the most infectious riffs of the 21st century.” Guardian

Keeps the brutally groovy spirit of Pantera alive, armed as it is with volleys of anti-tank riffs and Phil Anselmo-aping death growls” Q

“The UK may have uncovered the next big heavy metal band” 9/10 Powerplay

“If you enjoy the enjoy the sensation, musically speaking of having your face driven into hot tarmac by a roller truck, you’ll really like Stoneghost” Total Guitar

“A consistently excellent display of power” Terrorizer