New EP from upcoming pop singer 1ofUs

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Rising Italian singer Francesco aka 1ofUs releases this new pop EP Circles. Its lyrics focus around his life’s experience, the EP deriving its name from the cyclic nature of life, Francesco having previously abandoned dreams of a career in music only to pick them up again 20 years later: ‘Everything in life is coming back somehow like a circle.

The tracks are bright and diverse, aided by some colourful production. ‘Candle Light’ is a slow hypnotic electroballad with a soaring chorus, whilst ‘Home’ is a more uptempo but less upbeat number inspired by last year’s Paris bombings and the need for home. ‘In my Hands’ meanwhile is a shuffling piano track that explodes into a glitzy drop, and ‘One Love’ has a country-house feel that reminds of Avicii.

All of it has a very epic feel, Francesco channelling heaps of emotion into each track. His future looks promising.

Stream ‘Home’ below: