‘I Belong In Hell’- The New Single From Jodie H. Dunn

You probably haven’t heard the name Jodie H. Dunn yet, but it’s one that you are sure to in the near future. With stunning vocal capabilities and a deftness for writing heartfelt and powerful songs, Jodie is set to take her next step in the music industry and her first professionally produced track, ‘I Belong In Hell’ is helping her on her way.

Jodie’s path has been far from easy though. She experienced a great deal of bullying during her time at school which knocked her confidence, to say the least. Despite this, she has always had her passion of penning songs to fall back on and this is arguably what has helped her through these difficult times. It has provided an outlet for her to express her deepest feelings, hence why Jodie’s music is so emotive and mature for a musician of her age.

Her songs have progressively got more meaningful as she has honed her craft, leading to ‘I Belong In Hell’ which is based on the idea of someone controlling you at your lowest point.

Jodie was lucky enough to work with producer Andy Whitmore at Greystoke studios when recording ‘I Belong In Hell’, a professional who has worked in the past with icons of music such as Elton John, Peter Andre and Danni Minogue.

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