Today’s video of the week comes courtesy of Harlem’s very own witchy Princess Nokia. The healthy and holistic-living, socially conscious rapper revealed her new video for G.O.A.T as a recent signee to renowned UK indie label Rough Trade Records, home to various major alternative artists such as Arcade Fire, punk rockers Sleaford Mods, The Strokes, Sufjan Stevens and all-American indie -rock band Warpaint to name a few.

Having self released her projects over the past 5+ years, Princess Nokia, born Destiny Frasqueri, is close to releasing last year’s lauded Soundcloud-exclusive album 1996 as an officially digitally distributed album with new additions to the tracklist.

Having received mixed reception by certain fans, G.O.A.T. sees Nokia engaging in a braggadocio exercise over a sinister booming beat by Wally West. With her speaking engagements and interviews at Brown University, Creator Class and Reign(a) achieving viral status on Twitter and Tumblr, her outspokenness about her progressive racial and feminist views have increasingly gained support at a seemingly exponential rate in the last year and a half and her recent signing at Rough Trade may be a sign of an even bigger things to come.

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