Something Different: Salute Music Makers

If you’re beginning to get fed up of shows like the X-Factor and the Voice clogging up our TV feeds with their dull, unchanged ‘karaoke’ style formatting, then Salute Music Makers may well just be the music talent competition you’ve been waiting for.

With a goal of returning power to the songwriter, Salute is welcoming artists from all backgrounds and walks of life with open arms into its revolutionary music competition.

Here’s how it works: contestants upload their tracks to the platform (now, completely free of charge!), before all the music is vetted and judged by a panel of curators and industry experts. Then, a final 100 is decided from this, before the public weigh in with their two cents and vote for a final 6. These lucky few will then compete in live shows for the chance of winning a huge £50,000 prize with no strings attached!

Originally, there was a £20 entry fee for each track uploaded, but due to a number of key partnerships with names such as UNILAD, GRM Daily and The Unsigned Music Awards, Salute are delighted that they can now abolish the fee and refund those who had already paid.

Consequently, the competition has grown more than anyone could have expected within the short time frame, showing that they are set to take on the big boys of prime time talent show TV.


You can find out more about Salute and follow them here: