SOTW: MNEK soars to Paradise

London’s very own Grammy-award nominated singer-songwriter MNEK is back and ready to insert himself into your soundtrack for the summer. Sampling Ultra Nate’s legendary 90’s dance smash, Free, Paradise is a bouncy yet carefree anthemic R&B tune with soaring vocals and impressive production.

The previous 2 summers in the UK have included a saturation of dance tracks that sampled great R&B tunes from the 90s and reinterpreted them as less impressive chart fodder. This is something MNEK picked up on, with him saying “It really bothered me! So, I decided to sample a dance song for an R&B track. I’ve always loved ‘Free’ by Ultra Nate, so it was such an honour to have the blessing of the writers of the song to sample it for ‘Paradise’.”

A smart decision to make as the nostalgia flare from the guitar riff only aids the stunning new production surrounding it and lyrics about running away from the madness of modern society hoping to find peace. Able to serve smooth harmonies, execute brilliant vocals runs and even slay a short rap after the track’s breakdown, MNEK instils hope on this electro-R&B hit. Paradise is just the right track to display his versatility and artistry and has raised our expectations for his debut full-length album speculated to be out later this year.

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