Review: Pallab Sarker graces us with ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’, a New Acoustic heart-warmer

Dreamy, Melodic and sweet to the ear, this ironically blissful tune from South London singer-writer ‘Palleb Sarker’, delights you with the soft sounds influenced from artists such as Jeff Buckley and Tracy Chapman.

Pallab’s life has been a mix of different experiences from all sides imaginable, being a Ministerial press advisor, to playing in London during the Brit pop explosion, to now leading his solo career as a Acoustic singer-songwriter.

His debut Album ‘Grey Day’ which was produced by Rupert Gillett, features Acoustic indie classics such as ‘Morning in Brixton’ and ‘The Station’. However new song ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’, is a story of love, or so you’d think listening to the beautifully arranged chord structures and accompaniment of Palleb’s soft and sweet melodies. It shows the hesitation or the painful side than can also come with love, making the singer refusing to ‘Fall in Love’, even though everything is telling him too.

The video directed by Award winning production company ‘Bradgate‘, features Ukrainian model and actress Jenny Hansel and was entirely filmed in first person. This gives the track a very emotional yet worthy feel and is constructed with care and respect for the song.

Its playful on the idea, that is shown as beautiful and endearing through composition and musical portrayal, however grabs the listener in with the question or promise that he’s ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’.







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