SOTW: The Sheratons live to see Better Days

Todays’ Single of The Week is Better Days courtesy of Yorkshire indie-pop-rock quartet The Sheratons.

A snappy upbeat tune, Days sounds like something straight out of the Paisley Underground cutting room floor. The 1980s DIY scene was being recognisable through jangly guitars, rich vocal harmonies, and a Californian psychedelia aesthetic. Living through bands like The Bangles, The Dream Syndicate and The Byrds to name just a couple, it birthed itself as an unofficial post-punk movement with Sid Griffin, singer/guitarist in the Long Ryders once saying “Most of us had pretty decent backgrounds, so there was no cultural or economic status that on a personal level had stung us so much that we wanted to bite back against society. ‘What are you rebelling against?’ ‘Er, nothing.'” It’s impressive that 3 decades later, it’s influence has carried through and found it itself channelled in a foursome of 20-somethings hailing from Bingley, which is not quite Bradford but quite Leeds either.

Released officially on the 6th of October, available to listen to exclusively to on Soundcloud:

A heartfelt song with a slick composition and edgy attitude  Better Days is a scorcher of an introduction to the band, led by Kane Bulleyment on lead guitar on vocals, sounding much more full-voiced, slightly rasped and mature than you’d expect by a vocalist his age. Emma Liu kills it on the drums, Finley Ryan evokes ska energies through rhythm guitar with James Jowett on bass guitar helping execute chilling harmonies in the chorus, ohhh-ohhing as Bulleyment cries out “She’s crying, I’m trying“.

With tour dates all throughout October and November in Leeds, Manchester, Bradford, Sheffield, Liverpool and Skipton, now may just be the perfect time to fully indulge in their vintage reproduction style brand of ska-tinged 80s pop-rock in a live and loud setting.

Find out more about The Sheratons here: