From the island of Gotland, off the coast of Sweden in the freezing Baltic Sea, comes today’s Single’s of the Week ‘An Awakening of Laura’ from Pink Milk. This two piece outfit are mere weeks away from the release of their debut album PURPLE out on the 20th of October via Black Hair Records. Cool band-name aside, the album will also be available on pink-colored 12″ vinyl.

Existing somewhere between post-punk, gothic-rock and even shoe-gave, they describe themselves as “Dark wave/post punk + occult.” on their Soundcloud. A haunting, smoky track, this is a promo single preluding an 8-track dramatic  collection of tracks. Maria Forslund (on vocals and drums) and Edward Forslund (guitars, bass) are uncompromising musicians creating atmospheric and sometimes unnerving songs of Lynchian proportion.

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