Arsty, experimental, indie, punkster Johann Sebastian Punk is set to release his new Album ‘Phoney Music Entertainment ‘ on the 13th October.

Naturally looking at his Facebook page and through his promo shots its easy to see how he has been labeled as Sicily’s answer to David Bowie, and maybe he could be the next David Bowie? The debut single from the album ‘Confession’ gives a strong idea to how the album will pan out, and it looks like its going to be a belter!

‘Confession’ is one hell of a powerful track bringing together use instrumental experimentation over a solid guitar riff, with Johann’s feel for emotion. There’s a brilliant use of vocal harmonies which mixed with the beautiful instrumentation creates not only an interesting listen but makes you stop and want to close your eyes, feel the music! When the drums hit it feels like an epiphany… you need to hear this track!

If this is a sign of things to come from Johann then something special is coming!

Phoney Music Entertainment ‘ will be available from 13th October.

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