Review: Adonis’ ‘My Different Lover’ Is Something Out Of This World



Popular funk and R&B artist Adonis is back, and better than ever. With the recent release of his brand new single ‘My Different Lover’, Adonis is proving that he belongs back on top.

With the upcoming release of his new album ‘The Genies’ Out The Bottle’, he plans on changing the way people look at music today, “I plan on being that guy, the guy who takes us to the new millennium of musical consciousness” explains Adonis.

As the song starts, your guessing what direction it will take, and then its clear that the intention for the tune is to give people a positive and joyful outlook on life, however the lyrics explore a different focal point, which is the subject of love, how it can play games and vice-versa. This track is a feel-good hit, with funky melodies throughout, a throwback to early 90’s R&B instrumentation and Adonis’ emotional delivery of the lyrics just make the song much deeper and more powerful

With an elaborate stage show to match his studio dexterity, Adonis is an artist destined for greatness.

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