Review: Crack Of Dawn’s Much Anticipated ‘Spotlight’


I imagine that there are a lot of titles that are an honour to hold, but being the first black music act to be signed to a major record label is a great inspiration, and now Canadian funk and soul group ‘Crack Of Dawn’ are back, with fantastic new single ‘Spotlight’.

Drawing from great inspirations such as Earth, Wind and Fire and Parliament Funkadelic, the guys in Crack of Dawn have formed together once again to create this beautifully crafted opus.


The single ‘Spotlight’ is energetic, and vibrant, with smooth basslines and elegantly conveyed lyrics, this is another hit for the group.

The single was recently released and is just a little taster of a full studio album with the same name. The new album is a very special chance for fans to hear brand new originals from the group, as well as hear brand new re-recordings of their favourite songs. Giving sunny-soul a fresh burst of life, this is a rare and exciting time for Crack of Dawn, and we are right behind them.