Review: Olisha’s Melodic Masterpiece ‘Strangers’

Olisha Naicker, a south African artist, who’s commitment and will power have made her a leading voice for the rejuvenation of 90’s and 00’s pop and dance music.

Producer, composer, writer and performer. These are just some of the aspects that Olisha takes extremely seriously when it comes to her music. After having a massive surge in commercial success within Asian communities as well as her home in South Africa, She is now setting her sights on the rest of world. 

And she plans to start with punchy and energetic track ‘Strangers’.

This is a great and beautifully constructed song, with all of your favourite 90’s nuance’s, including a heavy but intricate beat, while Olisha’s smooth and sweet innocent voice explores its variety. The subject matter being very personal makes this a deeper and more relatable  tune, exploring the loss of someone you once loved, and how hard it is to get over them.

This is a great and enjoyable party track, but also serves the deeper meaning that lies within, and I strongly recommend it.


Instagram: olishanaicker