Interview: We Pick JohnLikeJohn’s Brain And Learn Of All His Weird And Wonderfullness


Eccentric, eclectic and unique are just some of the words that I would use to describe the soft yet deep sounds that come from JohnlikeJohn. I got to sit down and speak to JohnlikeJohn aka Calum Sivyer and managed to dissect what his style is and where he gets these ideas from.

Q: What did you grow up listening to? What was your first musical experience? 

A: “Quite a poignant moment of first falling in love with music, was when my dad first played me Matty Groves by Fairport Convention, the song plays like an old timey English folk song detailing a man found sleeping with the farmers wife, they then have a sword fight for the love of the wife, the farmer wins, apparently most farmers are skilled jousters”. 

Q: How did you end up calling the band JohnlikeJohn? 

A: John likes couscous, John Likes curtains, John likes chesterfields….. But then I finally realised I like myself the most.

Q: What is the local music scene like where you live? What are your experiences? 

A:  There are only a few venues I go to one of them being that Magic Garden that’s always got good stuff going on, they always have great gypsy jazz bands and blues acts, so I should probably try get a gig there since it’s a 2 minute walk. 



Q: What is a typical JohnlikeJohn show like?  No shortage of crazy I should imagine. 

A: Wow see, when we play live its so much different to what the EP sounds like. Since I come from working in theatres and stuff like that I’ve always had a strong on stage vision. We have definitely toned down with recent gigs but, there were goats and mimes and confetti, al kinds of shit but at the root of it all its very entertaining. 

Q: And finally, is there anything you want to say about the upcoming release of your new EP (Vegans Are Evil Too)? 

A: Vegans Are Evil Too, but so are milkmen, sausage dogs, barbacks and pretty much everyone. (I’m not just coming after the vegans). 


And with that information, be sure to check out JohnLikeJohns brand new EP, which is set to release on the 1st December, it will definitely be an interesting Christmas!



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