From Russia With Deep House – Roman Zajats


Deep House is one of those genres that tend to be pretty oversaturated these days, with kids on laptops in their bedrooms all over the world producing tracks as if it was going out of fashion, it’s all too easy for the good stuff to get lost in the noise. However, it takes someone with a bit of class and style to deliver a truly great example of the genre, and this is exactly what Roman Zayats does with his new track ‘Cold’.

Listen  to cold here:

The track is a sumptuous slice of beat-heavy lushness, augmented by guitar and vocals that draws from influences as diverse as Depeche Mode, David Guetta and Tears for Fears. There are elements of sound from the 80’s, right through to the cutting-edge techniques of today making it effortlessly commercial and vibrant.

Roman is no stranger to producing music either having written over 300 songs since he was 15. Because of this, his choice of colour is varied and eclectic, cleverly incorporating his guitar playing and Jamiroquai-esque singing into a genre all too dominated by synths and sequencers.

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