SOTW: Bryony Dunn, the Golden Girl

Today’s Single of the Week Golden Girl comes courtesy of singer-songwriter Bryony Dunn. Released on the 17th of November, it’s an upbeat catchy indie-pop number where Dunn’s lyrical content exists somewhere halfway between envy, admiration and simple observation about Golden Girl whose life is much more luxurious than her own. Golden Girl struck gold in the “gene lottery” and “sparks fly” wherever she walks smiling as she goes seemingly exemplifing ultimate perfection in personality, appearance, sociability with parallels being drawn between this golden girl and Dunn herself.

The music video depicts Dunn, humble dungarees on and acoustic guitar in hand as she sings and strolls through the romantic Parisian streets, the Golden Girl  in question is a blond haired conventionally attractive recording star,  emblazoned in a life of excess, prestige and success, she flies first class, sunbathes on yachts and sings to sold out crowds.

Mentored by superstar songwriter and founder of Online Records, Dominic King, this is Bryony Dunn’s debut release with her hoping to embark on a tour of vintage red phone boxes in early 2018. She attributes her inspiration to her own local red phone box stating ““I really want to draw attention to the wonders of our beautiful red phone boxes, which are now used for a multitude of purposes from libraries to fast food vendors. In my case, they have been a source of song-writing inspiration, so with my recent song “Golden Girl”, which is all about the theme of international celebrity, I thought it would be rather ironic to play gigs somewhere that reflect my present status as an artist, as well as how developing artists in general struggle to get gigs”.

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