Anarchy Reigns Brings The Fire Power With New Song ‘Hypocrisy’




AI Cover PD side2

Calling out the hypocrites, the liars and the fools, Hitch and the boys from Anarchy Reigns make a prominent entry into the politically charged hall of fame, with the brand new track ‘Hypocrisy’.

The song itself highlights the aspects of society that make lead singer Hitch uneasy, especially with political tensions and conflict rising between countries and the decline of things such as economy and standard of living for many people.

The idea that we, as hard working citizens of a first world country are experiencing high levels of poverty is something that fuels him, and the message will hopefully resonate with listeners. As well as wanting to help those who are being lied to by ‘Higher Powers’, Hitch also intends to make the message to other countries that there is a better way.

With a thirst to empower the people and a drive to deliver the message that the leaders of this world are not all they seem to be, Anarchy Reigns are a force that don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.