Like a Pat out of Hell! – Pat and the Pro’s – Hey Ooo I A O

Even those with the most impressive of musical vocabularies would struggle to name a musical act from some of the remoter areas of the world. Metal bands in Papua New Guinea? Indie pop from Greenland? How about a seventies-inflected rock band from Reunion Island? If you’re letting the side down on the last example, fret no more and welcome Pat and the Pro’s into your life. Reunion Island, if you haven’t been, is a tiny island off the coast of Mozambique, a picturesque haven of blue skies, blues sea and a little bit of blues rock. Pat (Patrice Pouzet) is, we’re confident, the only rock n roll star on Reunion Island. Probably ever. His brand of endearing Doors/Bowie mash-ups are completely out of time with anything currently being played and all the more refreshing for it.

The track with which Pat and co make their debut is Hey Ooo I A O, a track which is far catchier in actuality than its title. In fact, the absurdity of the title/chorus is entirely mission accomplished – a hark back to the days of Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep and other lyrical oddities. A bizarre and fascination addition to everyone’s musical landscape.