From Out of the Shadows – Lady Geraldine’s “Trick of the Light”

Lady Geraldine’s music is a strange mixture of the unconventional and being enveloped in the comforting warmth of something very familiar and safe. Whilst her remarkable life has seen everything from regaining her hearing after years of profound deafness and travelling the world, all the time honing her artistic skills, it’s music to which she continually returns. “Lady” is not a label idly thrown around. There’s something rather refined and delicate about her delivery and the poignancy of her lyrics.

Her previous release, “Little Miss Blue” meditated on the obstacles which have arisen throughout her life – some which we’d all recognise; others which seem extraordinary to the point of being astonishing. Her latest release, “Fast Cars and Movie Stars”, still revolves around the complexities of love but also broadens its coverage to Hollywood excess and even a spot of science fiction. Geraldine’s vocals hover around echoing thrums of electric guitar in a really quite unearthly way – it’s rock, pop and something far more intangible than either. Fascinating stuff.

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