The Sands Running Through the ‘Hourglass’ give Charlie Rees Pause for Reflection

Having first earned his stripes as a musician as the vocalist for Oceans Collide, Charlie Rees then went on to drum for Cerberon, before taking steps to release his own solo project under his name. While debut track ‘Bitter Taste was crafted with a more controversial attitude in mind, the latest single release entitled ‘Hourglass’ offers a more introspective look at internal struggles that have inspired his songwriting process.

The album ‘Gone’ can be considered an amalgamated slice of both confrontation and melancholy in both theme and nature. This in turn gives a quite clear indication of the underlying themes at the core of his craft. The raw emotive value that any kind of music can bring forward has a healing quality in itself. Charlie Rees becomes an interesting architect for these evolving emotional experiences into a medium, by which, catharsis enables both the artist and listener to share in a moving experience – dissolving its topicality and transcending its meaning.

Exploration of this kind of inward analysis has given rise to a confident depicition of his trauma through healthier means. By the Rees’ own admission, the song was written at a time when he was in a very bad place:

“I was in a toxic relationship…slipping down into previous depression that I thought I had recovered from… When I decided to look back on my relationships with others… I had to come to terms with the facts…it’s better that we part ways before we become more hurt than we already are, so we can move on and help better ourselves and our lives.”

There is a real sense of an arc through the track, of overcoming personal strife to reach salvation through reflection. By the time the chorus reprises there is an overwhelming sense of a comforting hand reaching out to you to lift you from something darker in tone.

Exposing and confronting old wounds are a challenge that most of us will come across in life and by challenging his melancholy, Rees has found a means by which his desire to inspire and help people has found tangible form.