Rappers who also know how to play their instruments

It seems in the rock world, unless they’re Robert Plant, the lead singer is also obliged to take the easy part and be the rhythm guitar player. In the hip-hop world, however, most MCs are free from everything except the mic in their hands – putting all focus on their words and their delivery – and that works pretty well.

But a lot of fans are often left wondering – which of their favourite rappers know instruments other than their lyrical ability – now we’re here to give you a run down of some of our favourite multi-talented MCs…

Anderson .Paak – Drums

If you missed Anderson .Paak’s Tiny Desk Concert back in 2016 then get off this site and onto YouTube – because it’s amazing. His drum skills are staggering – and he is also surrounded by an incredibly talented band:

Mac Miller –  Piano, Drums, Guitar and Bass

Not only was Mac Miller a multiinstrumentalist, he was also selftaught. Reportedly, by the age of 6 he had picked up the piano, drums, guitar and bass all by himself. Dig into the vaults of YouTube and you can find a video of his Live Lounge performance where he plays guitar on a 2Pac cover – and right here you can see Mac playing the blues:

Jonny Dee – Guitar

With his Afro, white Stratocaster and flowery shirts – Jonny Dee looks far more like Hendrix and the hippy generation than he does a rapper – and yet listen to his tunes and you hear some impressive bars similar to those of Chance the Rapper or Anderson .Paak. Soon to release a new video we hope to see a lot more of his guitar playing talent – but for we will have to content ourselves with this preview:

Andre 3000 – Piano, Guitar, Jack of All Trades

According to GQ, the very first chords Andre 3000 played when he first picked up a guitar became the chords for Hey Ya! (So all this music stuff can’t really be so hard then, really?)  I never totally dedicated myself to anything. I’ve always been a jack-of-no-trades, but just making it happen: You know, play guitar just enough to play on The Love Below. Play piano just enough to do “Ms. Jackson.” My first chords were “Hey Ya!”