Five Best Remixes of 2018 So Far

We did a poll around the office here at New Music Platform this morning and asked the dance music experts what they’re favorite remixes are…

Woolfman and JStew, Listen to the Beat – Mr E Club Remix

A transatlantic collaboration between young gospel singer JStew and 90s legend Woolfman produced one the most exciting pop-dance tracks this year. Add in Steve ‘Stimpy’ Stimpson @ Concrete Promotions who played the original to ‘Mr E’ – he loved it and came right back with 2 special remixes:

N.E.R.D, Rihanna, Lemon – Drake Remix

N.E.R.D’s hit track produced a number of remixes – but the Drake version is by far the best:

Kerria, Night Now – Bakun Remix

Kerria is poised to become one of the rising stars of Europe’s pop-dance scene, with Night Now becoming this summer rallying call to the dance floor – it was recently picked up by Bakun:

Paul Hazel, Test Pattern – Ray Saul ‘Redux’

Remixers from across the board were lining up to put their stamp on the post-Detroit techno banger, Test Pattern, when Paul Hazel released the track over a decade ago. But there was one remix we were all left waiting for – that of Croatian producer Kornelije Duras aka Ray Saul. Finally, eight years later Ray Saul put out his remix, Test Pattern Redux, completely out of the blue. Meanwhile Hazel is celebration the rebirth of his career with a launch of the track at Swansea International Festival Fringe on October 5.