Sisters Liv’n’G Self-Producing Breath-taking Pop

Liv’n’G, spotted by many in the industry as rising stars on the UK music scene in recent years, are soon to release their latest EP – Shades. Hailing from Hartlepool the duo are made up of sisters Georgia and Olivia who come together to produce shimmering pop dance tracks.

Thus far they’re received a number of accolades from the industry, as one of Vodafone’s ‘Ones to Watch’ 2017, winners of ‘Best Original Song’ in the National Open Mic Competition 2017 and winners of TFM Big Audition 2017. But what makes these sisters special is that they still stay connected with their local community – only last year releasing a chart topping charity single, Smile, dedicated to a young local football fan who sadly passed away from cancer.

Georgia, who produces of all the duo’s tracks is something of a virtuoso – having never picked up an instrument until three years ago, she is entirely self-taught – impressive considering most similar acts would have an entire team of producers behind their work to produce a similar sound. Crowds are wowed by her live production – layering loop upon loop in hypnotic fashion. On top of all this are the smooth and soulful vocals of Olivia – with an impressive range and staggering vocal control she nails both dance tracks and ballads with ease…

Their EP will be released on the 16th of November and until then you can check out their links below!