Woolfman and JStew Produce Brilliant Dance-Gospel Mash-Up

We first heard of Woolfman and JStew through the MR E ‘Club Remix’ of their latest release Listen to the Beat. Quirky remix, we thought, wondering what the original sounded like…

The original, as it turns out, sounds like even more of a mash-up than the remix – and we’re quickly becoming fans of the project! As the title suggests, underlying the track is a solid dance beat we all recognise – but then enter the wonderful vocals of JStew: his verse bars reminds us of Sugar Hill Gang-esque 80s hip-hop, but then, jumping into the theatrical chorus, we discover his gospel training in full and spectacular force:

After reading into the background of these guys – its not surprising they created a track that sounds so diverse in influence. JStew, as it turns out, is a pastor in San Francisco and Woolfman – who claims the track came to him in his dreams – is a founding member of Gang of Four who also turned down an offer to join The Cure. Safe to say we love the track, which, bizarre though it is, comes together as a solid and unique pop record – and we are waiting to see what they do next…

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