Resonating the moody undertones of artists like Lana Del Rey and The XX and radiating all the ambiance and atmospheric goodness that comes with dream pop, Diya has released her new single Problems – a track whose visuals match the engaging, storytelling quality of its accompanying sound.

Following the release of her track Love Love, Diya has broadened her scope of spacey tones, whilst maintaining the upbeat, inspirational feel that her music elicits.

Born in Ukraine, but currently residing in Dubai , Diya aims to write songs that lyrically represent topics that are universally appreciated, honing on themes of love and international solidarity.

With her EP being made up of what are fundamentally very catchy tracks, Diya provides music that offers the perfect soundtrack to those slow mornings and chilled evening wind downs and as she is gradually taking the dream pop scene by storm internationally, she is a name to look out for this year.

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