Rock and Metal’s Indispensable Hub Relaunches with Free Download Tickets to Win!

Rockifi have taken it upon themselves to launch a platform to bring together the music world’s most dedicated, fanatical and loyal audience – the rock and metal fraternity. Starting its revolution in the UK, and with expansion to the US and Europe planned imminently -Rockifi allows you to connect with other fans of all forms of rock, metal and alternative music. If you can’t find a friend to go see your fav obscure South American thrash outfit when they’re in town – Problem solved! Rockifi is a new way for fans of Rock and Metal to connect before, during and after a gig.

Rockifi are celebrating the launch of their new site by giving away a pair of 3-day camping passes to Download UK plus some other Download swag for the runners up! Simply sign up to and post your favourite song from a band performing at Download on the Rockifi Download festival page.

In utilising a ‘gig buddy’ system, if ever you have a spare ticket to a gig, or your favourite band are in town and you have no one to go with, this is no longer an issue! Members can sign up, create a rock profile, get a ‘Rock rating’ that matches you to other members, buy tickets and find rock comrades to hit the town with. Anti-corporate, and made by the fans for the fans, both the rock and metal scenes have long since had a reputation of having a community mentality; not just between the bands and their fans, but between the fans themselves.

Connecting with like-minded Metallers, you can plan your strategy to get to the prime spot at the gig over a drink or two, or arrange carpooling; during the event you can meet up with these social media mates you’ve never met in person and take photos and videos, and afterwards share your photos, setlists and plan your next assaults! Rockifi is EXCLUSIVELY for Rock fans – no other genre fans need apply. It doesn’t matter how obscure your favourite bands are, Rockifi will hook you up with like-minded souls.

Sign up for free at