Ferocious industrial rock from the most polluted city on the planet – Nivid are livid!

Hailing from Gungeon, India – a place that was named as the most polluted city on the planet by Greenpeace and IQAirVisual in 2019, comes Nivid – seemingly the byproduct of an environment bristling with Hellish energy. Initially recorded as a one-man project, Aditya Virmani is Nivid’s composer, multi-instrumentalist producer, and considered to be the only constant member and the creative force behind this soundtrack of ferocious industrial rock.

Bringing in the performances of Devasheesh Sharma on guitars and Nihar Apte on bass, Nivid are a sight to behold live. Their shows employ thematic visual elements on-stage, such as elaborate light shows and songs being rearranged to fit their live setting. Inspired in part by the gnarled, intoxicating music of Nine Inch Nails, Virmani is also behind the boutique media and audio design studio, Barren Sound, where he has been excitedly composing this EP.

His skill in creating multi-textured layers of sound is, in part, as a result of a motorcycle accident which left him with a broken collarbone. Having found guitar-playing all but impossible during his recovery, he used the time to hone his skills with synthesisers and technology, mixing elements from not just the rock world, but also dance and electronic. In an effort to make a record that was equally satirical and angry as it was amusing and edgy, his overall production has given the music a dangerous and yet ‘circusy’ atmosphere.

Nivid’s The World Around Me (Infinite Support) | Sanskaari is a song with a universal message which transcends its Hindustani language to hit home to rock, alternative and metal fans wherever they are. From a backdrop of a city built almost entirely by private companies, polarising the distinction between rich and poor like few places on Earth, Nivid are the musical embodiment of anger felt by those who are bearing the brunt of this turmoil.

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Website: http://www.nivid.bandcamp.com