Devon-sent dad-rock from UK creative hotbed!

A challenge facing a lot bands just starting out, is finding suitable local venues to earhook a willing audience into hearing your finely crafted gems for the first time. With an ever-growing crisis in the number of these venues shrinking daily, some venues opt for ‘safer’ choices when letting bands play live and demand ‘cover-songs only’ citing ‘this is what people want to hear’.

Having the confidence to proceed with promoting your self-written tracks adds a heavy burden to an already tough task, but one that Devon-based Horizonz are looking to take in their stride as they look outwards from their isolated community to get themselves heard. Releasing their latest single ‘Better Days‘ on 5th July, sees a return to audience-pleasing stadium pop-rock sounds that showcases the band’s musicianship and knack for nailing a melody.

Horizonz are Rob (guitar/vocals); Jason (keyboards/backing vocals); Patrick (bass) and Gavril (drums). Though you would never guess, Jason’s skill on the keyboards is regardless of the fact he is completely self taught… and completely blind! So easy is this to forget that the band themselves often have to remind themselves to guide him off-stage at the end of gigs!

Devon is the homeland of such giant’s as Muse, Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Ben Howard. Its apparent isolation from the hotbeds of music in the nation’s larger cities is clearly stifling none of the creativity. Now looking to spread their wings and their ‘music for the modern dad’ to a wider audience, Horizonz are ready-made for festivals and car playlists for the summer holidays.