Powerful message driven through in new song from Phonix

My Love and My Teacher‘ is the new single out now from Italian born musician and producer Phonix. The lyrics in the song itself details a relationship of an oppressive nature, in which one person is being manipulated and controlled by their other half. Meanwhile, the music is gripping and engaging, truly demonstrating Phonix’s ability to mix experimental sounds in with electronica and pop.

Phonix returns with thought-provoking new single

When the song is paired with the video that Phonix recently released for the single, the darker themes are further explored. The music video shows two people in a relationship flicking between states of lust, love and violence, and resolves with the fact that violence is fruitless and it is compassion and love that are the key to a successful relationship. Despite the serious themes of the song and video, the single comes with an ambience of hope. It truly is an earworm that’ll leave the listener wanting the powerful track on repeat all day!

The hard-hitting video from Phonix comes with advisory warning for those who could be affected by violent scenes

Phonix is an artist that the public should keep an eye on, as his wide range of talents are sure to lead to more great tracks like ‘My Love and My Teacher’. Phonix is an entirely self-made musician, having taught himself to play a variety of instruments such as piano, guitar, bass, drums and more, to solely producing his own music! He has also built his own studio, Snap Music, which is located in the heart of Naples.

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