Produced by music legend Nick Tauber (Thin Lizzy; Marillion; Toyah), Between Suns are a new breed within the conventional pop-ruled world that is today’s music industry. Their disregard for convention and unwillingness to be boxed into just one genre, leaves them free to express their sounds in whatever method they see fit. Rock one day, grime collaboration the next, there really is no pigeon-holing their style or sound.

‘Fractured Life’, their latest offering, is a complete u-turn from their previous heavy-rock style single ‘Sun Ra’. It was written about life on the road from the perspective of a female artist, and tackles the subject of a free spirited female being judged for behavior seen as acceptable for male. An irresistibly dance-able tune, with free flowing vocals and a rap thrown in for good measure, it couldn’t be any further removed from their previous tracks.

After 3 years of fine-tuning, it seems Between Suns are ready for the world to hear a little more of their ever-evolving sound.