Estelle California’s Electrifying Energy Guides Listener on Spiritual Journey

Star is the new release from Estelle California, French-born musician who is on a mission to promote liberation and unity through her music. Estelle has been musical her whole life, not only writing her own music and lyrics but also a learned pianist and saxophonist.
Estelle’s music is inspired by and features many styles and genres of music, including neo-soul, world jazz and r&b. She is also inspired by classical, tango and African music. From the young age of just 15 months old Estelle recalls having music within her, stating that she didn’t choose music but that it chose her. Writing music is something that has always come back to Estelle no matter which path she was down in life, now dedicating more of her time to music, Estelle is making music as an expression of her soul, and calls her fans ‘The Soul Family’, a group which knows no colour and no prejudice, only freedom!

Estelle California

Estelle is determined to fight back the societal beliefs that she grew up around, namely racism and discrimination when growing up in France. The injustice she saw the black community face has made her passionate about expressing love for them, stating that it would be her dream one day to visit and record musicians in small African communities.
Star is a song that came to Estelle before she truly understood what it meant, after several years of the lyrics and tune spinning around in her head, she realised that it was a song about how the darkness she has faced in her life was there for a reason, to shape her into the person she is today, therefore, she is grateful for the darkness as it allowed her to see the light.


“The lyrics of ‘Star’ speak about identity, self-worth, and the truth taken away from you as a victim and how the resilience and the journey you overcome are the special light we shine.”

Estelle reflecting on the message behind the lyrics of new song ‘Star’

The song, which has an enchanting and spiritual feel to it, demonstrates Estelle’s spine-tingling vocal abilities. The anticipating build-up in the preamble translates as a journey of self-discovery for the singer, being extremely relatable to the listener but most of all, empowering.

Estelle is due to release more music in the near future so keep an eye out! Follow Estelle California on social media for news and updates: