Smooth Operators Steady Rollin’ Reel in Acclaim

Steady Rollin’ are the El Salvadorian trio who are about to explode onto the music scene. The band is made up of Fernando Poma, Gerardo ‘Jerry’ Bardo and Benjamin Andrade. Each of them has their own incredible story, experience and inspirations which make the band something of a supergroup!

Although Fernando now leads the band with vocals and guitar, his love for music began at the age of 7 with a passion for playing the drums. Now with Jerry (bass & guitar) and Benjamin (drums), the trio is seeing overwhelming success in South America.

Benjamin, Fernando & Jerry

See the video for the increasingly popular single When The Judgement Comes below – with already 1.2million views!

When The Judgement Comes – Steady Rollin’

Watch this space as Steady Rollin’ are soon to be introduced to the UK and broader European audience. These rockers bring an exciting mix of English and Spanish songs with them, and are sure to impress with lively riffs, excellent musicianship and emotive lyrics!

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