Empathy Test guide listeners through an electronic journey of isolation and hope

After the huge success of their latest single ‘Monsters’, electro pop band Empathy Test are now set to release their highly anticipated album on May 22nd. The group consists of Isaac Howlett (vocals), Adam Relf (production), Christina Lopez (Drums) and Oliver Marson (Synthesisers) who wrote the album collaboratively and have created an addictive, psychedelic and emotional musical experience.

The album as a whole takes the listener on a journey, exploring issues that are particularly relevant in todays society. The album kicks off with title track ‘Monsters’ which reflects a generation plagued with anxiety and paranoia before leading into ‘Empty Handed’ which explores the pressures caused by our enforced obsession with fitting into the mould of what others expect of us.

“Emotional electronic music with a depth in its measure”


‘Fear of Disappearing’ discusses the idea of societies obsessions with social media and how this has shaped and developed the world we live in. In a world where popularity is often defined by how many followers or Facebook friends you have, Empathy Test question whether we are losing touch with what is really important. You can have thousands of online friends but as the chorus states, ‘it’s a long time to be alive’, especially if you’re living in an isolated world determined by social media and fake acquaintances.

“Trademark analogue synths with lashings of ’80s influence”

Line of Best Fit

The theme of helplessness and isolation continues throughout the album but is particularly prevalent in the eighth track ‘Incubation Song’. The lyrics explore feeling contained and suffocated which seems appropriate against the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis. However, throughout the song, the lyrics begin to build into a message of how love can rebuild you and carry you through hard times, bringing an uplifting sense of hope which continues towards the end of the album and reflects the importance and impact of building each other up. This message of hope leads into the final track of the album ‘Love Moves’ which creates an emotional finale highlighting the importance and impact of love as well as the road towards healing.

“A set of songs lovers of 80s synth pop will be drooling over the minute the first verse has been heard.”

Louder Than War

Regardless of whether Empathy Test had the current climate in mind during the writing process, the album as a whole is thought provoking journey that each individual listener will relate for different reasons based on their own personal experiences. The album as a whole is exceptionally well written, creating a high standard for future artists aiming to tackle important issues within society. You’ll find yourself wanting to listen to it in it’s entirety several times to take in the message behind each track. Of course the conceptual lyrics are accompanied by an addictive, electric synth pop sound with a beautiful blend of live acoustic drums and synthesisers that is sure to win you over. 

“Monsters sounds absolutely enormous. Driven by thundering drums and layers of clean, analogue synths, the band somehow sounds both thrillingly expansive and unnervingly claustrophobic”

Pop Matters

Monsters is due to be released in digital, CD and 12” Vinyl format on May 22nd. While you’re waiting, make sure to check out their previous albums which are available now on Spotify.

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