Tales of Love and Hope: The Purple Shoes set to release Indie-Folk triumph

Written by: Charlotte Bredael

The Purple Shoes bring an exciting twist to modern folk music with their new album ‘Small Town Fairytales’, blending the classic styles of 60s cult favourites such as Fleetwood Mac and Simon and Garfunkel with multi-textured melodies, captivating harmonies and honest, thoughtful storytelling to create an accessible, dreamy musical experience. 

The group are based in South East England and consist of singer Marie Dance, singer and guitarist Michael Bickers, double-bassist Richard Dadson and drummer Theseus Gerard. After three years of travelling Thailand and acquiring a range of half finished tracks, Marie came together with Michael in Shoreham-by-Sea before travelling the UK and Ireland, honing their onstage craft and capturing the hearts of fans across the country.

‘Small Town Fairytales’ is due to be released on 18th June, consists of 12 songs written over the past two years and tells the stories of life and love through local characters that we can all recognise in our own lives. They’re not afraid to explore different styles creating a track list containing something for everyone. You can listen to the title track on Soundcloud and check out our thoughts on the rest of the album below.

Track List:

  1. Strange
  2. Good Morning (Is It Over?)
  3. Heartbreaker
  4. Small Town Fairy Tale
  5. Rain Has Gone
  6. Angel Shoes
  7. Melody’s Eyes
  8. I See You
  9. He Holds On
  10. Santa Cruz
  11. Born to Play
  12. Ophelia 

The album kicks off with ‘Strange’, a funky, modern folk track which explores embracing differences and irregular thinking. The catchy melody, addictive riffs and fun blend of powerful vocals, folk-style rap and spoken word makes this track a true earworm and creates high expectation for the rest of the album. This then blends into feel good hit ‘Good Morning (Is It Over?’) which we could imagine going down an absolute storm at a live show.

Next we have the mellow, smooth track ‘Heartbreaker’ which shows a more vulnerable and emotional side to their songwriting. The blend of gorgeous harmonies and toe-tapping percussion makes this track perfect for your chill-out playlist and showcases that The Purple Shoes can, and will, tackle any style.

The laid-back folk vibe continues into title track ‘Small Town Fairy Tale’ which reminded us of modern indie folk favourites The Mountain Goats and Passenger. The ‘Rain Has Gone’ brings a message of hope and finding the way to the other side of your struggles while ‘Angel Shoes’ explores the process and importance of finding yourself through travel, perhaps inspired by Marie’s own travels through Thailand.

Track seven is ‘Melody’s Eyes’, another indie-folk earworm which blends seamlessly into ‘I See You’, telling the story of initiating a friendship with a lonely stranger through sharing life stories.

Arguably the most relatable track to our current climate is ‘He Holds On’ which follows the story of a girl who feels lost and is unsure of what to do with herself but gains comfort in others, highlighting the importance of supporting those close to you through hard times.

Coming towards the end of the album, we have ‘Santa Cruz’ which features melodic acoustic guitar and ‘Born To Play’ which shares experiences of discovering what you were born to do.

Finally, we have ‘Ophelia’ which has a comforting seaside sound and features rich harmonies and acoustics that create a warm feel, nicely drawing the album to a close. 

As a whole, ‘Small Town Fairytales’ spoke to us due to it’s unique stories, messages of hope and collection of life-lessons that all of us can relate to or learn from, creating an indie-folk triumph that will allow you to unwind and remember what made you initially fall in love with music. 

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