Scotland’s Live Music Industry Could Be Back In Time For Summer

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Image: Ian Cooper / Teesside Live

Music venues will be among a number of establishments that are set to reopen, with restricted limits on May 17th after Scotland’s coronavirus lockdown ends.

That means, if all goes well, fans will be back watching live bands at real live gigs, at their favourite venues, live!

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced on Tuesday (March 16th) that COVID restrictions on the country’s entertainment sector are set to be eased before Summer, with the likes of concert halls, cinemas, theatres and comedy clubs also being deemed almost ready to reopen.

She went on to brief Scottish parliament by explaining she would be holding talks with industry leaders in the music and entertainment sector on what capacity limits should be put in place to allow a safe opening of doors to the public.

Sturgeon even went on to add that she was “optimistic” on people being able to return to nightclubs over the summer period.

All in all, then, Scotland looks set to beat England on returning to societal normality, with Boris Johnson’s lockdown roadmap not accounting for a full recline on COVID measures until June 21st.

However, chief executive of DF Concerts and Scotland’s biggest concert promoter Geoff Ellis said he wanted further details on how the Nicola Sturgeon planned on implementing the reversed restrictions:

“We can take some hope for the summer from a more positive and more detailed announcement from the First Minister,” he said, “but there is not enough there yet to finalise plans for early to mid-summer for live entertainment, which requires there to be no physical distancing to be viable.”

Either way, the mere fact that UK political leaders are finally in a position to debate the reopening of the entertainments industry, and the subsequent restarting of society, is good news to everyone.