Denis Sulta and friends to play Manchester’s all new Square One this Summer

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Image: Andrew Whitton

A brand new outdoor venue is opening up in Manchester, with the likes of Denis Sulta, Mella Dee and Hot Since 82 set to christen the dance floor this summer.

With plenty of time spent on the sidelines for the music events industry some venues have greatly suffered financially, while other’s have taken the opportunity to launch new clubs that will be ready to open post-pandemic.

Manchester’s Square One is brand new, and set to kick things off on June 26th with an all-day set from FUSE boss Enzo Siragusa. There will also be a showcase from Amsterdam label PIV.

Square One’s usual weekly event has also been announced, with the new venue set to be open every week from 2PM until midnight, with more future line-ups set to be revealed soon.

An official statement from the venue said: “Manchester is our home. This one is for the dancers, a new venue with no-nonsense. Let’s make up for the lost memories and come together, a good and proper open-air affair. Summer is coming and the dancefloor is ready.”