Bristol arts project backed by IDLES, Massive Attack and more of city’s biggest creatives

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Photo: Heather McCutcheon

The newly formed Bristol United Guild (BUG) will support the city’s arts sector, and has been endorsed by some of the biggest names in film and music to come from the area.

The likes of Massive Attack, IDLES, and Portishead fly the flag for Bristol’s music scene, and were some of the first to announce their support for the initiative. Whereas pop culture fan favourite Maisie Willaims of Game of Thrones, Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis, and TV stalwart Stephen Merchant were also among the names to sign a statement of support.

Like arts and culture sectors all over the globe, Bristol’s creative industry has been hit hard over COVID-19, which was an overriding factor that brought about the formation of BUG.

Designed to help prevent creative jobs and careers being cut during the pandemic, the initiative will “work collectively to build frameworks of support” and develop “a whole new civic ecosystem whereby the freelance/independent arts community is given not only recognition for the value it brings to this city and its communities, but is also offered the access and investment to forward a multiplicity of paths that it deserves”.

Having historically been a major contributor to the nation’s creative talent in both film, music and the wider arts and culture sector in general, BUG has recognised the need to nurture the city’s next generation of creatives and protect the sector when most vulnerable.

A first step the organisation plans on taking is to introduce a ‘Business Improvement District’, in which larger commercial companies will be charged a small levy to help uphold the city’s smaller creative projects.

You can find out more via BUG’s website.