Croatian model Berislav Sertić is a jack-of-all-trades in the Arts

Berislav Sertić initially trained as a dancer at the Tihana Škrinjarić school of dance, moving to Austria as a child to follow this passion. For most people this would already be an impressive start to a career, at the age of 18, however, Berislav decided to expand his artistic reach even further – returning to Zagreb he began a modelling career, took on numerous projects with musicians and began working in theatrical productions such as Hair.

Following this impressive career, he moved to Los Angeles to attend the Sanford Meisner acting school in 2012, leading to acting roles in TV series such as “Urota” and a number of commercials. More recently, he signed a record deal with Croatia Records in 2015 and enjoyed success with his 2015 single, Singing that Rock n Roll. 

And now Berislav Sertić has returned with his latest single: collaborating with producer James Perri, known for his work with David Guetta and Daft Punk, they produced I Gave My Life. As you’d imagine his music video is no simple accompaniment to the music – it displays his immense experience as a model, dancer and actor in a gripping visual narrative of the clash between life and death.