Tracks of the Week 06/04/2021

These Modern Times – Bare Bohemian

What an excellently unique submission this is from These Modern Times. I can’t say I’ve ever listened to a track that bares so much resemblance to such a varied range of styles, despite keeping still keeping it’s own intriguing signature.

With a laid back psychedelic guitar twang and fuzzy snare hits to open the track, one instantly thinks of a Sticky Fingers tune, or something from the same Australian mullet-rock elk. Though, the quickening of the tempo from the exotic riff to faster paced hi-hats and a more stylistic guitar ensures the track is more resembling of an 80s rock classic.

What undoubtedly stands out most in the single is the fantastic amalgamation of iconic singing styles seen in the vocal performance. Somehow, one is reminded of the delicately personable vocals from The National’s Matt Berninger; the cheek of Jarvis Cocker, and the velvety undertones of a more seasoned Alex Turner in his 40s.

Regardless, the plethora of influences shines through in ‘Bare Bohemian’ and the fact that the singing is compared to not one, but all three of the these distinctly brilliant frontmen is a huge compliment.

Musically, the track is split between two genres, with the vocals not, on paper, made for either. It’s that strange divide and the contradicting choice between beat and singing style which attaches such a unique approach to this track. It’s something that makes it very listenable in the sense of wanting to try and pick apart what elements don’t quite sit together which, in turn, is the genius repeatability of the song.

All in all, These Modern Times’ ‘Bare Bohemian’ is an effective nod to great vocal styles of old and new, while it brings together contemporary and classic genres in a way which shouldn’t work, but does.

An all round stellar submission that you won’t come across easily anywhere else.