Pentral tease forthcoming album ‘What Lies Ahead of Us’ with music video for all new single

Pentral’s gritty, hard-hitting new single ‘Aiming For The Sun’ is an in-your-face concoction of industrial guitar and drums, and brilliantly adheres to the best components of the metal genre. 

Taken from their upcoming album What Lies Ahead of Us, ‘Aiming for the Sun’s’ all-new music video debuted Friday 16th April, and continues the band’s artistic portrayal of society negating the environment.

Hailing from Brazil, Pentral have long been advocates of their home continent’s rich environmental heritage, and have used their music to tell stories necessitating the need to defend rainforests against the commercialism and greed of the modern world. To add a personal feel to their angst, Pentral’s upcoming album follows the path of a young family set about escaping societal oppression after having been ousted from their home in the jungle. 

‘Aiming for the Sun’ continues this narrative, and depicts what seems to be the father in a state of fear; injured and running away for his capture or death by what appears to be an antagonist resembling somewhat of a poacher. Intertwined with quickfire cuts of Pentral crashing through their instruments afront a green rainforest backing, the narrative paints an unnerving picture in showing a human being hunted like a trophy animal, which makes for an uneasy, cruel watch, undoubtedly an intentional nod by pentral toward the abhorrence of man’s treatment of natural habitats. 

Aside from the visuals, Pentral demonstrate exquisite chord progression on ‘Aiming for the Sun’, with indefatigable vocals and drums which incorporate just about every part of the kit possible, with brief skims of the ride bell, splash cymbals and immense drum roles ensuring a sound is created that’s far more representative of a band with more than just three members. 






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