The music world morns the fifth anniversary of Prince’s death

Photo: Photofest

Legendary multi-instrumentalist, musical and style icon Prince died on this day in 2016, which has called for the music industry and wider advocates of Prince’s stand-out, fearless personality to remember him.

Prince’s flamboyant style and insurmountable talent as a musician propelled him to the top of charts and in front of his musical counterparts, and ensured he was celebrated by fans from many different walks of life.

Over his career the megastar sold over 150 million records worldwide, from his prolific plethora of 39 albums, none more timeless than his 1984 studio album, ‘Purple Rain’, which spent six continuous months atop the Billboard 200, and which provided a soundtrack that transcended generations.

He experimented with a haul of different genres, successfully trying his hand in the likes of funk, R&B, Latin,  rock, new wave, classical, soul, synth-pop, psychedelia, pop, jazz, and hip hop. Though, it was Prince’s enthralling work on the guitar and his not-like-any other prowess with a microphone that set him aside from the rest.

Prince was such a songwriting talent that he was believed to have an entire vault worth of unreleased songs at the time of his death, while he was famously known to have written hundreds of songs for different artists.