Action Bronson’s book was a necessary reflection for the rapper

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Image: Zachary Mazur/FilmMagic

Albanian foodie and rap fan-favourite Action Bronson has long been renowned for his free-thinking, rebellious attitude. The lovable artist has a certain decor and demeanour in his music and lifestyle which separates him from those in his genre.

Bronson typically takes a not-so-serious, yet ambitious and explorative approach to unique song design, which has garnered him an extremely dedicated fanbase. In recent years, he’s risen in his pop-culture stature, appearing on VICE’s ‘Fuck! That’s Delicious’, which follows Action and his similarly charismatic friends on their journey around different states and countries trying the best comfort food and delectable meals on offer. Thus, the rapper has only grown in fame, with just as many new fans recognising him for his – rather brilliant – food show hosting.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he discussed his new book ‘Fuck It, I’ll Start Tomorrow: A True Story’, and explained the struggles he faced when opening himself up to self-reflection.

“This book had nothing to fucking do with anything. I hated doing this book. I didn’t want to do this book. It’s so funny. It was very tedious for me. Usually, when I do things — the two previous books I’ve done, Stoned Beyond BeliefF*ck, That’s Delicious — it was a joy. Like, please let me do that every time. But this took a lot out of me, and to be honest with you I feel like that in itself gave me a little bit of a boost, and a little kick in the ass unknowingly. I hate it, but it’s a guiding light.”

At the beginning of writing his book, Action admitted he weighed around 400 pounds, but through months of well-documented exercise and an entirely new diet, the rapper weighed in at around 100 at the stage of the book’s completion, which was a drastic change that he knew he needed to make.

“To me, I’ve needed this for a long time. I’ve been living hard and fast. I feel like the motivation came from having a new baby, and my wife constantly being on me, you know? There was always somebody on me, and that means that they care. There’s no doubt about that. They want me around, and I want to be around to enjoy the fruits of everything. I love life, so I wouldn’t want to leave it for no damn Entenmann’s fucking cakes and shit.”

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