Music News Platform: The New Solution To Music Storage – Tunetables

Okay, you’ve almost certainly heard me bang on before about Tunetables. It’s rare to find something truly original which is aimed squarely at the record-collecting community, but that’s exactly what you’ll discover if you head over to the Tunetables website. It’s the perfect name for a great product. What we have here are very stylish tables, handcrafted from designs based on the classic instrument-flight-case, which also serve as a great way to show off your record collection.

Storage ranges from 100 – 500 for CDs, 30 – 60 for tapes, and 75 for vinyl. That’s a good amount, and these units provide a beautiful way to have your collection around you. Each hand-crafted case can even be personalised with your own initials or branding, and every unit from the Tunetables ‘Classic’ line come complete with its own unique number detailed on a custom badge, which is a lovely touch. If you need further convincing, the legendary Skids leader singer, Richard Jobson has recently been photographed with not one, but two Tunetables in his home. Go check them out – you might just have found your new favourite thing.

Check out Tunetables below: