New Music Reviews: Mangoseed – Alternative Facts

2022 dawns, resolutions come and go as easy as the dying will but some things will never change. Music being a vital tool in the art of protest is one such thing and Mangoseed, an intriguing quartet that sport cultural influences as unlikely matched as their genre mashups, have not forgot on their lead single ‘Alternative Facts’ from latest LP ‘Dreamers’ .

The tracks is, by earshot, and infectiously danceable banger that draws its tricks from the world of punk, reggae and electronic music, but frontman Nicholas La Barrie ensured that track’s meaning was not completely exposed atop the surface. Beneath the rampant bass lines and sly reggae swings from La Barrie, we find a cutting dissection of the status quo that pokes fun at the current social zeitgeist.

This should come as no surprise to those aware of the frontman’s work – with political commentary running throughout his work as Theatre Director of the Lyric Hammersmith theatre – and it continues to run deep through the veins of the entire record. Speaking on the matter La Barrie said: “Most of our lives are governed by some kind of political decision that we had nothing to do with. It’s really important to say that out loud and ask questions so we feel with and for people and bring them together. There is healing power in music. You can find bliss in everybody jumping, singing, and dancing together.”

This isn’t a message that can be missed in a blink throughout the track’s runtime and, combined with ti;s deftly balanced stream of influences, makes for an package that is fun, memorable and provoking. With the band only in their infancy there’s no telling what might become of their future, but there’s no doubt it will be one to watch…

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