Michael Tinholme releases “Lullaby for our Daughters” just in time for International Women’s Day

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Just in time for International Women’s Day Michael Tinholme has released his new moving track titled ‘Lullaby for our Daughters’

‘Lullaby for our Daughters’  is a vulnerable and emotional ballad about trying to find peace in the world. Delving into such poignant topics,  Michael beautifully delivers a musical helping hand into his vision of a better future. 

Reflecting on ‘ ‘Lullaby For Our Daughters’, Michael states: ‘When singing ‘Lullaby for Our Daughters’ over two years ago now. I imagined,a first time father or parent walking the room, and singing their daughter to sleep. And how his, and our hopes and dreams and worries for that child, our children, all children, gives all of our lives greater meaning and purpose for a better future”.

The heart wrenching expressions of deep feeling in his music, using atmospheric sounds and soft instrumentation. This approach proves to be the ideal ground for exploring “Lullaby for our Daughters” central concept. 

Michael’s pure courage to express these thoughts shows how she isn’t afraid to put everything into the music. Soothing yet simultaneously tear jerking, “Lullaby for our Daughters” is such a powerful track.

So be sure to check out “Lullaby for our Daughters” it’s not one to be missed.