Anna Westin ‘Incense Ascending’ – Review

‘Incense Ascending’ is the new offering by folk singer, songwriter Anna Westin .

The hypnotic single has a charming yet sombre tone, with Anna being accompanied by a powerful and mesmerising score that creates magic alongside her choral vocals . 

Westin’s vocals come steeped in emotion, but it also has a strength that cuts through the mix to bring a real zest to the track. The diversity immediately brightens things and creates a nice contrast to the darkness of the instrumental. 

‘Incense Ascending’ is Anna’s lead single from her upcoming album LEV that’s inspired by  literature, philosophy, and Westin’s work as director of anti-trafficking initiative The JAM Network UK. 

Drawing on her personal experience and heavy hitting topics that are featured in this album with such sensitivity is a credit to what a talented songwriter Westin is. 

Speaking of her upcoming album Westin stated:

“A lot of the songs are about mortality, and this sense of transcendence that collides with the everyday mundane. This is particularly influenced by my work with Jewish philosopher Lévinas and French philosopher Ricœur.”

‘Incense Ascending’ is out now, be sure to check it out!