Wavewulf ‘The North and the Sea’ – Review

Composer and producer Wavewulf ‘s new album will keep you fixated from the minute the first synth sound key is revealed. 

Taking inspiration from the likes of Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk and Jean -Michel Jarre, Wavewulf  combines a unique sound of classical and electronic music that has led to a beautiful album to add to his catalogue. The North and the Sea allows the listeners to take their own path of imagination.

Opening with the  captivating vocals and pulsing bass  of ‘open the gate’ which flows into the overarching sonic of ‘Luft’ that becomes more upbeat, Wavewulf  allows himself to shift dynamics within the record. Wavewulf  has built a soundscape of ups and downs that emphasise the story he is telling and taking his listeners into a sonic  journey through the Arctic Tundra. 

Speaking about the album, Wavewulf  said: “The album was inspired by a recent trip to Iceland. At a time when I was feeling claustrophobic and disconnected, I found a sense of freedom in the power of the sea. Being alone, being together, being connected, being disconnected”

Make sure to check out The North and the Sea. Out on the 25/03.